Mother’s Day Tea Party & Clothing Expo Giveaway

Celebrate Motherhood at Operation Warm Wishes’ Mother’s Day Tea Party & Clothing Expo Giveaway
Join us in a celebration of love and gratitude for all mothers at the “Mother’s Day Tea Party & Breakfast and Clothing Expo Giveaway,” hosted by Operation Warm Wishes on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12th, 2024, from 8 AM to Noon at the Tustin City Library Courtyard.
Operation Warm Wishes is committed to making a positive difference in the community and is proud to present this event to honor mothers. Founded by the ever-inspirational TyRon Jackson, Operation Warm Wishes is an organization that stands as a pillar of hope and support for those in need. TyRon Jackson, with his compassionate vision, has brought together a multitude of resources and initiatives aimed at uplifting and assisting individuals and families facing hardships. His dedication to community service has transformed lives and continues to create opportunities for empowerment and kindness.
This Mother’s Day event is set to be a heartwarming occasion where families can enjoy a morning filled with delightful tea, delicious breakfast, and a joyous atmosphere. The event is open to mothers of all ages and their families, making it a perfect gathering for everyone to appreciate the essence of motherhood.
The highlight of the event is the Clothing Expo Giveaway, where mothers and their families will have the opportunity to receive free clothing. This giveaway is a gesture to acknowledge the tireless efforts and unconditional love of mothers everywhere.
The “Mother’s Day Tea Party & Breakfast and Clothing Expo Giveaway” is more than just an event; it’s a symbol of community, care, and the warm wishes that Operation Warm Wishes embodies. We invite everyone to join us in this community celebration to honor the extraordinary role of mothers in our lives.
For more information, please contact Operation Warm Wishes at 714-363-6621.
Let us come together in the spirit of love and appreciation to make this Mother’s Day an unforgettable one.