Operation Warm Wishes Presents: We Love You!

Operation Warm Wishes Presents: We Love You! Giant Card Signing-Honoring our Homeless Veterans and Senior Citizens.
To all of our brave men and women who served our country, thank you! WE LOVE YOU!

To all of our senior citizens who have paved the way and helped make a difference in our lives, thank you! WE LOVE YOU!

Whether homeless or sheltered, we honor and love our Veterans and Senior Citizens!

Today we had the opportunity to express our love and thankfulness to our Veterans and Senior Citizens by signing a card that spells out, “WE LOVE YOU!” And it’s true! We love our Senior Citizens and Veterans. We truly care for our Veterans and Senior Citizens. It’s because of them and their sacrifices we are blessed with many opportunities and privileges.

Often times some of our Veterans and Elderly feel unnoticed and invisible. Today we came out to show them that they are not unnoticed and invisible, however they are truly loved and respected and we are thankful for their labors of love and acts of courage!

Today many people came out to sign our “WE LOVE YOU“card including one of our Vietnam Veterans. With tears in his eyes, he signed a dedication message to all his Brothers in Arms of 1966-1967.

As people were signing the card today, I believe they visioned a brave solider who put their life on the line, or a wise senior citizen who mentored and gave life lessons.

Those brave soldiers who put their life on the line, and those senior citizens who mentored and gave us life lessons are our heroes. We see them daily as we go through our day. Let’s remember to love them and honor them!
Together we make a difference!

Thank you to everyone who helped and came out to sign the card showing love to our Veterans and Senior Citizens and special thanks to Starbuck in the Larwin Sqaure Shopping Center in Tustin for opening you doors and hearts and allowing us to come together.

Today was absolutely incredible and wonderful!
Thank you and warm wishes!!!!
TyRon Jackson

* The card is now hanging at the Veterans First in Santa Ana for all to see how much WE LOVE our Veterans and Senior Citizens




*** The O.W.W  Update ***

A couple of months ago we made a giant card that spelled out “We Love You!” dedicated to our U.S Veterans. The community came together to sign the card and show our love and appreciation for the many brave men and women who serve and have served our country.

Since then the giant card has traveled throughout Orange County for many to view and read. Today the card was given a final resting place.

The giant card that spells out “We Love You!” is now hanging on the wall at Veterans First for all to read and to be reminded daily that we truly love, honor and appreciate every man and woman who has served this country.

Today I had the privilege of serving, shaking the hands and talking to some of our U.S Veterans. Some were homeless and some were not, however they were all touched by the the card that spells out “We Love You!” They all read the messages on the card and many of them begin to cry tears of joy and thankfulness.

We celebrate the memories of our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousin, and Friends who serve, have served and have died to protect our freedom! They are our heroes and we are forever thankful. Thank You!