Operation Warm Wishes and Universal Hair Salons Presents-“My Father, My Hero-Father’s Day BBQ and Poetry Reading for Fathers and Children in need!

Let’s continue to share the love and help each other up! We can do it!

Because everyone needs compassion, I wanted to celebrate Father’s Day in special way. I wanted to see people come together and serve one another regardless of our ups and downs and differences. I wanted to see and love. I felt love! The Love of Christ was present at our Father’s Day Celebration! I truly believe that everyone who was there were supposed to be there.

To see homeless men,women and children so happy was truly amazing to see. They adults were like kids. It was great to see them smile and feel love and compassion and joy. We were family! I saw people step out of their comfort zones. I saw acceptance, I saw humbled hearts.I saw hope! I saw motivation! I saw joy restored! You couldn’t tell who was homeless or in need. Because we were all in need, every single one of us.

We came together and collected socks, clothing, shoes and personal hygiene bags for homeless and families in need. We came together! We danced, we ate, we hugged, we smiled, we laughed, we cried, we shook hands, we bonded, we forgave, we got to know one another, encouraged one another. We came together!

The uplifting words that were spoken to one another, was the poetry! Beautiful and thoughtful words, words and actions that gave hope. Everyone was touched and we helped one another!

The event was called, “My Father-My Hero!” I told everyone while we were holding hands, that we were all heroes and are mission was to encourage, inspire, and motivate one another at the event. I told them regardless of you we are and what we are, it will never change the fact that Jesus loves you and he died for you.

We all have a purpose! God has given us purpose!

Thank you to every person and every business that helped make our Father’s Day Celebration for the homeless and those in need super awesome! Thank you to everyone who served and helped! Together we made a difference!

Here are some images from our wonderful event:

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Please join us on Saturday June 20th. – Operation Warm Wishes and Universal Hair Salons Presents: “My Father, My Hero-Father’s Day BBQ/ Community Potluck and Poetry Reading for Fathers and Children in need!”

Let’s make this a beautiful day! Let’s come together, regardless of who we are, and make a difference in the lives of our fathers and children in need!

Together we can make a difference! We really can!

I understand when a child just needs his dad, or a big brother to talk to. There was a time in my life, when I really needed my father. There was a time in my life when I needed a big brother. I cried out for attention in so many ways.

I also understand that not all fathers are perfect. Fathers have struggles, fathers are human. Just like I thank God for mothers, I praise God for fathers. Fathers are important! They play a very vital role in our lives. I’m grateful for fathers and ALL the uncles, and aunts and single mothers who are playing the father role! Much love and respect! Thank you!

You are our heroes!

We are celebrating Father’s Day in a special way by helping and serving our Homeless Fathers, Our Single Fathers, Our Fathers who are Veterans, Our Fathers who are suffering from various illnesses, Our Fathers who are Senior Citizens, Our Fathers who have fallen down, Our Young Fathers who are in need of encouragement, motivation and inspiration. Our children who are without fathers or big brothers.

Featuring poetry readings, music and encouraging spoken words. ALL are invited! It’s going to be epic! A day of love and helping those in need. Join Operation Warm Wishes, Universal Hair Salons and the community as we serve our struggling fathers and children in a special way. For more information please call TyRon Jackson at (714) 363-6621.