Operation Warm Wishes Family Dinner at Veeh Elementary

It’s a joyful feeling when you know that lives were touched.

Our Operation Warm Wishes family dinner was indeed a beautiful time of family and community. Knowing that many of the students and families who attended the event had an opportunity to leave behind their worries and hardships for a couple of hours to embrace hope, love and encouragement is amazing!

Laughter was in the air. A sense of belonging and serene peace was felt. We came together regardless of our differences. Young and old, we were family and community! Together we made a difference!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our O.W.W Family Dinner Night at Veeh Elementary School super awesome! Lives were touched!

Special thanks to El Pollo Loco, the National League Of Young Men, Roma D’ Italia, Orange County Register, the amazing volunteers and everyone who donated food and items to help make it a beautiful time of family and community!

We love our homeless, youths and struggling families! Together we can make a difference! Together we can touch lives!

Thank you and Warm Wishes!

TyRon Jackson-Founder and President of Operation Warm Wishes


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