Operation Warm Wishes Presents: The Shirt off My Back Father’s Day Celebration, Breakfast, and Clothing Giveaway!

This Father’s Day, Operation Warm Wishes (OWW), a non-profit organization committed to serving and helping those in need, is hosting a heartwarming community event: The Shirt off My Back Father’s Day Celebration, Breakfast, and Clothing Giveaway!
The special event will be held on Sunday, June 18th from 8:00am to 1:00pm, at Baskin Robbins, located at 201 W. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA. This celebration is set to be a day of fun, food, free haircuts, and much more, all in honor of our fathers.
OWW invites everyone, regardless of age, to join in on this fantastic day of community and celebration. The occasion is particularly catered to fathers in need, to acknowledge their struggles and offer much-needed support and recognition.
The Father’s Day event will provide a plethora of amenities including Breakfast, a clothing giveaway, free haircuts, and much more. It is a unique opportunity to gather, give back, and enjoy a day of camaraderie in the spirit of Father’s Day.
Operation Warm Wishes is a beacon of hope for homeless individuals, families in need, at-risk youth and parents with challenging financial situations. Its mission involves not only offering immediate help like meals, clothing, and hygiene items but also organizing community events, fundraisers, and educational programs aimed to uplift and empower those in need.
TyRon Jackson, the founder of Operation Warm Wishes, has been a symbol of resilience and compassion in the face of adversity. Having experienced homelessness and hardship during his youth, TyRon started OWW as a testament to the strength of community and the power of hope. Today, OWW is a thriving non-profit organization, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.
Join us this Father’s Day as we celebrate, support, and uplift dads who need it most. Together, we can create a day of joy, unity, and love in our community.
For more information about the event, please call 714 363 6621.