Community Council: Operation Warm Wishes on KIIS FM

TyRon Jackson was interviewed by 102.7 KIIS FM, discussing Operation Warm Wishes and his passion for helping the homeless, troubled youths and families in need! Learn more about Operation Warm Wishes by listening to our Community Council interview with TyRon Jackson below.

Operation Warm Wishes was founded on November 26, 2008 by Community Activist TyRon Jackson. TyRon has a passion for helping those in need and making a positive difference in our world.

Operation Warm Wishes, or O.W.W, is dedicated to helping and serving the homeless, troubled youths, struggling  families, Veterans and senior citizens in need throughout Orange County, CA and the world. Their mission is to inspire, motivate, and encourage those who are struggling to get back up. They collect food, clothing, shoes, toiletries from the community and distribute it to those in need daily, including monthly events to serve the community.