Operation Warm Wishes Presents: GIVE BIG! GIVE TOTALLY AWESOME! Free Laundry Day for Struggling and Homeless College Students

Future doctors, computer scientist, civil and mechanical engineers, business owners, and the list go on! Today we came together to serve and help our struggling college students in need by doing their laundry!

However it was much more than doing laundry, listening to 1980’s music, but it was an opportunity to encourage and remind our students to never give up! I remember those days when I had to choose between doing my laundry or eating dinner or putting gas in my car. Being a college student with the motivation and determination to learn and grow can often cause discouragement when something as simple as doing laundry.

Today we took that burden off the shoulders of many of our struggling college students, homeless and families in need. It was a awesome time of making a difference and touching lives! We laughed, we joked, we helped one another, we inspired and motivated one another, we reminded each other that big or small and regardless of who you are, you have purpose and to NEVER GIVE UP!

Today students helped students! It was beautiful to see!
From the bottom thank you to our Operation Warm Wishes-Make It Happen Club Cal State Fullerton, Alpa Phi Omega, Busy Bee Laundry and EVERYONE who donated quarters, laundry soap, food, and items to help make this our laundry event super incredible! Today we gave big! Today we gave totally awesome! Lives were touched and together we made a difference!