Operation Warm Wishes Presents: Just Keep Giving! Food/Clothing Bag Giveaway for the Homeless and Those in Need

On Friday October 10th Operation Warm Wishes  gave over 200 Bags filled with food, clothing, personal hygiene and warm wishes away at Starbucks in the Larwin Square Shopping Center in Tustin. Which means, over 200 homeless and people in need will get food, clothing and warm wishes.

When people came by and asked us what are we doing, we responded by telling them, take a bag, keep it in your care and if you see a homeless man or women, or someone in need, give them the bag. It’s a great tool for helping and touching a life in need.

Thank you to everyone who took the challenge  of taking a bag and in return giving it to someone in need. Your act of kindness and love will touch a life and make a difference in a special way! Everyone needs compassion.

Thank you to Starbucks Larwin Sqaure, The city of Tustin and everyone who helped make our event possible! It  was truly a beautiful day of giving and serving!

Thank you!

TyRon Jackson/Operation Warm Wishes