Operation Warm Wishes Presents-The 6th Annual Unity in the Community Thanksgiving Spectacular!

A Spectacular Day of Giving and Serving!

 On Thursday, November 27th 2014 Operation Warm Wishes and some of the most amazing volunteers of all ages, color, genders and backgrounds came together to  serve, love and  show compassion to those in need. It was a beautiful day from start to finish. We were all family on that day.

I find my crying at moments with tears of happiness and joy  when I reflect on the beautiful day of love and thanksgiving we shared. To see our youth/student serving, to see families working together and to see perfect strangers coming together for purpose of celebrating the true meaning of Thanksgiving was incredible.  The privilege of serving and helping the homeless, various people in need and struggling families was truly a blessing. Lives were touched. People left feeling inspired. People left with hope.

 The 6th Annual Thanksgiving Spectacular at Peppertree Park was simply spectacular.  It’s spectacular when we can all come together to help and serve one another. Thank you to everyone who helped with our Thanksgiving event. I love and appreciate every person young and old who helped and supported in any way. Thank you to every business and organization that supported our mission to help those in need.

Seeing people come together for the purpose of touching lives regardless of who you are and where you are in life is truly awesome.
There were many hurting people, young and old who attended and all they wanted was to be surrounded by love and family. They needed encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. They needed support, and we all gave them that. It was a wonderful day of family. We learned. We taught. We bonded. We loved. We uplifted each other.

Let’s continue to share that love and compassion everywhere we go. It makes a difference.

Always with love and warm wishes,

TyRon Jackson