The Ultimate Birthday Party For Children Who Did Not Have the Opportunity to Celebrate Their Birthday!

Operation Warm Wishes (OWW) is excited to present The Ultimate Birthday Party, a spectacular event dedicated to bringing smiles and joy to children in need. Scheduled for Wednesday, April 10th, at Round Table Pizza in Tustin, this event will kick off at 3 pm and offer an afternoon filled with fun, games, and special gifts for every child in attendance.
Founded by TyRon Jackson on November 26, 2007, Operation Warm Wishes has become a beacon of hope and support for the homeless, troubled youths, struggling families, veterans, and senior citizens across Orange County, CA, and beyond. The Ultimate Birthday Party is a reflection of OWW’s mission to inspire, motivate, and encourage those who are struggling to rise again.
TyRon Jackson’s Journey to Making a Difference
TyRon Jackson’s personal journey, marked by overcoming homelessness, bullying, and discovering his purpose despite adversities, has been the inspiration behind OWW. As a community activist with a heart for service, TyRon has faced challenges, including discrimination, but has continuously spread love and kindness in the face of obstacles. His unwavering dedication is fueled by the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.
More Than Just a Birthday Party
The Ultimate Birthday Party is not merely a celebration but a symbol of the compassion and unity that OWW stands for. It is a call to the community to join hands in making a significant difference in the lives of children who often go without recognition or celebration. Each child will leave the event not just with unforgettable memories but also with tangible gifts to cherish.
Future Aspirations and Fond Memories
Looking ahead, OWW dreams of establishing shelters and facilities worldwide to extend further assistance to those in need. TyRon’s childhood memories, like the joy of receiving his first Nintendo and the act of kindness that returned it to him years later, underscore the lasting impact of generosity and compassion.
OWW and TyRon Jackson invite the community to The Ultimate Birthday Party to share in the joy of giving and the power of community spirit. For more information, or to become a part of OWW’s inspiring journey, please get in touch. All are invited!
Operation Warm Wishes
Phone: (714) 363-6621